Lectures on Topics of Masonic Development

by Bro Dr. A T Richardson:

A History of the Mason in Society and the Development of the Lodge of Industry *

This talk discusses the role of the Operative Mason from 1066, through the Middle Ages until the appearance of the Speculative Mason in the eighteenth century.  The development of the Lodge of Industry from about 1690 to the establishment of the Swalwell Lodge and its rules and regulations of 1805 are given particular consideration.

* To see this talk which appears in full on the Durham Provincial Website please Click here.

Stability and Geometry

(Physical Perception and Mental Attitude)

This talk links everyday physical phenomena with human emotional attitudes and catastrophic consequences.  Routes of individual masonic development are illustrated geometrically. Reference is made to the concepts of stability and longevity in fine art and poetry.

Masonic Craft Arithmetic

This talk consider the importance and the Masonic interpretations of the counting numbers in every part of the three Masonic Craft rituals.  Is the cubit an absolute measure?

The Liberal Arts and Sciences

(Trivium et Quadrivium)

The essence of each of the classical seven liberal, the verbal and numerical, arts is briefly highlighted.  Recent developments and extensions are explored for the benefit of the layman’s daily advancement.

A Talk on “ …of my own free will and accord…”

In what sense are we free to make decisions and confirm that they are valid in the nature of things?  The principles of a scientific mathematical reasoning are discussed and combined with a philosophical argument for an acceptable resolution.


We have been very fortunate to have had many interesting lectures and presentations in our meetings. These have been of both a general and specialised nature so making a memorable advancement to our masonic knowledge.

“The Benevolent Fund and TLC”

by WBro I Kevin Carter, PPGReg, PM of Hedworth Lodge No 2418 and WBro Colin I Overton, PPSuptWks, PM of Eanred Lodge No 7478.

“Lest We Forget – Freemasonry and the First World War”

by WBro Martin Talbot, PGStwd

“A Compendium of Masonic Interest”

by WBro Garfield HCarr, PPJGW

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) – Defibrillation”

by WBro James A Fenwick-Baines

“The Statue of Liberty”

by WBro Tony Carlisle, PPSGW

“Some Unscrupulous Masons”

by WBro Robert A Sullivan, PPJGW

Masonic Buildings and the Effect on Lodge Closures“

by WBro Gordon Brewis, PSGD, PAPGM