Early Provincial Grand Masters

The Charter granted to the Lodge of Industry in the year 1734 authorized it to appoint the following Provincial Grand Masters:

1734  Bro. Joseph Laycock

1743  Bro. Kendrick Jones

1745  Bro. Kendrick Jones (Deputy GM)

1746  Bro. R A Hawdon

1747  Bro. John Hawdon

1748  Bro. John Lawther

1749  Bro. William Gibson

1750  Bro. John Tayne

1751  Bro. Thomas Liddle

1752  Bro. William Hawdon

1753  Bro. R A Hawdon

1754  Bro. John Hawdon

1755  Bro. John Lawther

1756  Bro. Thomas Liddle

1757  Bro. William Burton

1758  Bro. John Rayne

1759  Bro. William Gibson

1760  Bro. William Burton

1761  Bro. Ralph Hawdon

1762  Bro. Thomas Liddle

1762  Bro. William Burton

1781  Bro. David Richardson (for life)

Bro W H Lambton was installed as Provincial Grand Master in 1787 and died in 1797.  His son the VW. Bro, The Rt Hon John George Lambton, also known as “Radical Jack”, was the Provincial Grand Master of Durham (1814-1840) and Northumberland (1836-1840), Deputy Grand Master (1834-1835) and Pro-Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England (1839-1840).  It was he who presented the pair of scagliola marble pillars presently in the Lodge entrance.